Ultra Battery Saver Apk Download

By | September 22, 2019

Ultra Battery Saver Apk Download – Battery Saver is a FREE battery saver app that allows you to extend battery life by 50% by finding apps and settings that reduce your device’s energy consumption.

The professional, easy-to-use battery saver keeps your Android phone running for longer, provides you with detailed battery information and provides a healthy battery with our unique 3-stage charging system. Enjoy the incredible power boosting experience and never worry about the battery of your phone!


– Disable unused apps that unload your battery!
– Save Power Shortcut that makes tasks with a tap!
– Kill apps when screen is off!
– Exact battery time!
– Exact remaining charge time!
– Plan energy-saving modes for work / class / sleep and more!
– Unique 3-stage charging system!
– Wi-Fi / data / Bluetooth switches!
– Brightness control!
– Battery temperature!
– Smart charging tips!
– Simple, user-friendly interface!

★ Defend Your Soup!
Find out how much power your phone consumes. Adjust the power settings (for example, the brightness) and disable unnecessary apps that discharge the phone’s battery. The Fast Battery Charger app lets you scan all the services that consume the phone’s battery, including Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data, high-screen brightness, screen timeout, NFC, auto-sync , and more.

Customize a mode that fits your energy needs. Find out how long the phone’s battery will last in different situations (playing games, turning on or off Wi-Fi, etc.)

Control the way your device is charged with a unique 3-step charging system to make sure you get the most out of your battery and not charge too much.

Monitor all apps that consume power while not in use, and remind the user of high-consumption apps. Monitor the energy consumption of all running apps and show the details to the App Manager Battery Monitor. This clearly shows the status of battery life and usage.

With the Battery Saver app, you can close all services that consume battery power on one screen. Or you can select the services you want to close. It also includes battery condition diagnostics to further monitor the battery condition, and states that the battery condition is good, bad, cold, hot, high voltage, and so on.


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